Assessment for Learning

Assessment for Learning is, all too often, seen as something 'extra' to do in a lesson... an 'add on'. This thinking, unfortunately, means that real Assessment for Learning is not taking place. In order for Assessment for Learning to be real, meaningful and worthwhile it is important to focus not so much on individual strategies - but on its basic principles.


Gold Star Education offers training and support in Assessment for Learning, focusing on these five main principles:


  1. Clarifying, sharing and understading Learning Intentions (Learning Objectives and Success Criteria);
  2. Engineering effective discussions, tasks and activities that elicit evidence of learning (Quality of Questioning);
  3. Providing Feedback that moves learning forward;
  4. Activating pupils as learning resources for one another (Peer Assessment);
  5. Activating pupils as owners of their own learning (Self Assessment).



In order for Assessment for Learning to make a real difference in pupils' learning, we provide engaging and imaginative ideas to help embed these five principles practically throughout various year groups, from Foundation Phase to Key Stage 4.



Assessment for Learning can be described as a three-stage journey:


  • knowing where the pupils are in their learning;
  • knowing where they need to get to;
  • knowing how to get there.


It's the how to get there that is vital in ensuring that every pupil achieves what they are capable of.




With support from Gold Star Education, you can be confident that teachers in your school will be fully equipped to make these principles their own, delivering challenging and stimulating lessons that move every pupils forward in their learning.